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Create an extra income for your and your family!

Whether you are already looking for extra income or career change and found this page while browsing the internet, or have been selected and invited to review this information personally, we encourage you to take what you are about to read very seriously.

We have a proven model that is exploding in the UK & Ireland and we are actively looking for people from all backgrounds who would be interested in earning an extra income through helping their community. You do not need a background in health, nutrition or weight loss to get started as full and on-going training is available.

So, if you are serious about making a positive change in your life, and your community, please take the time to read and understand the information below. Having done so, contact us as soon as possible to express your interest as we only have positions for 500 new Arriba! Leaders in the next 6 months.

Good Luck!

Understanding The Problem (UK & Ireland Statistics)*:

  • 46% of men and 32% of women are overweight.
  • 17% of men and 21% of women are obese.
  • The percentage of adults who are obese has doubled since the mid-1980's.
  • 60 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women could be obese by 2050.
  • Obesity will cost the government £45 billion a year by 2050 if the epidemic is not brought under control through dramatic changes across British society.

* Source: Statistics on obesity, physical activity and diet, England 2006 - Click Here

How Can You Help?

There is no miracle cure for the problems listed above. What people need is access to local education, support and advice to help them fundamentally improve their daily diet and exercise habits. This is where you, Arriba! Wellness Clubs and the Community Weight Loss Challenge come in.

We are looking for people to join our mission of opening an Arriba! Wellness Club and running a Community Weight Loss Challenge in every Village, Town and City across the UK & Ireland.

What Is Involved In Running An Arriba! Wellness Club?

Remember: You do not need a background in health, nutrition or weight loss to become a Herbalife Distributor and Arriba! Leader as full and on-going training is available, both online and at national training venues.

The main activity of an Arriba! Wellness Club is the Community Weight Loss Challenge. This is a 12 week course (1 hour, once a week) held in your local community centre, church hall, home (anywhere really) where people come to be educated, motivated and monitored to assist them in reaching their health and weight loss goals.

As an Arriba! Leader you are responsible for advertising the class through low cost local advertising and each week running the class following the guidance of a comprehensive, but easy to follow manual, and of course us, your business mentors.

Participants in your Community Challenge pay a fee of £39 to attend the 12 week course, this money covers your costs (advertising, room hire, printing, petrol. . . ) ensuring you are cash flow positive from day-one, and also provides Prize Money for the 3 'Biggest Losers' in the challenge.

Benefits To Your Community?

  • Promotes community spirit and friendships
  • Great health and weight loss results thanks to local education, support and advice
  • Cheaper than other 'slimming clubs' - £39 for 12 weeks = £3.25 / week
  • More comprehensive than other 'slimming clubs' - Arriba! clubs are much more than just 'pay-weigh-and go'. Not only do we also measure inch loss, body fat loss and in some cases much more too, we also provide weekly topics of education that participants can implement for free to improve their results.
  • Prizes - Most Challenges provide weekly prizes and all provide prizes at the end of the challenge.

Benefits To You?

  • Satisfaction of helping your community
  • Extra income! Although all participants are free to follow whichever 'diet plan' they wish, many of the people will naturally want to become Herbalife customers and the profit on these sales is yours to keep.
  • The purchase of Herbalife stock is recommended so you can fulfil customer demand quickly, but it is not required to get started, as products can be ordered individually as orders come in from your participants.

Want To Find Out More?

If you have read the above information and have any questions or would simply like to know more about becoming the Arriba! Leader for your community please complete the form below and we will contact you shortly for an informal chat to answer your questions.

Please only submit your information below if your have read the information above. We are receiving a high number of enquiries and it is important that you understand the information on this page before requesting further contact.

If you are ready to understand more right now please call us direct on the number at the top of the page.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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About you, location, occupation, age, background?

Disclaimer: This offer of the Herbalife Business Opportunity is made by independent Distributors Customer Services,. The provider of the business opportunity is Herbalife (U.K.) Limited, Senator Court, 4 Belmont Road, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1HB United Kingdom. Goods sold are nutrition, personal care and cosmetic products. Transactions are effected by participants as principals. When considering or comparing business opportunities please be aware that it is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

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I started my first Arriba! Wellness Club in Hartlepool on the 5th May, I was really excited, thrilled and a little scared when 28 people showed up. I used all of the materials, manuals and presentations and quickly overcame my first night nerves and started really looking forward to and enjoying Club evenings. I earned an extra £1,500 per month whilst enjoying myself and making great friends.


We started our business part-time in March. Within 4 weeks we had 26 people in the Club. We had great fun running our Arriba! Wellness Club and quickly decided that we needed to run another to satisfy demand from friends, colleagues and families of our first group. We attended one of the training seminars in August and as well as receiving excellent training we met and swapped notes with Arriba! Wellness Club owners from all over the UK.

The business has now developed to 4 Arriba! Clubs with a further 5 starting in the next few months. Although the business is providing more than we ever expected one of the key things for us is the results our customers are achieving. Helping people to look and feel great and get healthier is a wonderful way to run a successful business.


I run my business part-time alongside a full time job, teenage daughters, dogs, a husband and a school governorship! We started two Arriba! Wellness Clubs in April and had 35 attendees in each Club. I’ve recently added another Club as I absolutely love running this business.

The materials, branding and professionalism of Arriba! have made it an extremely easy business to run and the support is second to none. I would say to anyone - if you like people and you want to make a difference to your neighbours, friends, colleagues or anyone start your own Arriba! Wellness Club.


I run my business full time with my Husband Alan, who has just joined me on a semi full time basis. We have been running the clubs for over a Year now & we are currently running 2 challenges with around 25 members in each.

The Arriba community weight loss challenge model is a great platform for our business & we love running our classes. We also love the social side of the clubs, meeting new people & helping them reach their goals.

The Arriba brand is extremely professional & anyone wanting to start their own club/s will find it easier than they would expect, especially with the help of both the Arriba Systems and the personal coaching from sponsors like ourselves!

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*All weight loss claims refer to the Herbalife Weight Management Programme which includes, amongst other things, a balanced diet, regular exercise, an adequate daily fluid intake and appropriate rest. The Herbalife products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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