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If you travel a lot or live in a rural area where the service is limited, this might be the most important aspect to consider when choosing your cell phone carrier. However, if you live on a farm 10 miles from the nearest town, a large company may not benefit you. Large companies put their towers where the most people will use them. So if you live in western Kansas or northern Arizona, you might look into a local company that is putting towers where people who live in that area need them the most. Also, many small, local companies are affiliated with larger companies like Sprint, so the two carriers will share their towers across the country with no roaming fees.

I mention this only to indicate that Im old enough and wise enough to know that the bra burning, breast flopping days of the 60s are over. And yet, the absence of a bra (as often as I can get away with it) has always made my life more pleasurable. Where in civilized, contemporary Toronto was this place where the poultry is strung up and merchants from the Orient and Jamaica vie for a visitor's attention? "Kensington Market is one of my favorite places, very colorful, total mayhem. It's like stepping into another world," glowed the young businesswoman, a friendly new acquaintance. "There are little shops and immigrant merchants and hanging chickens. There are wonderful buys. Howard April 22, 1992

The winning designer of the first season was Pennsylvania based designer Jay McCarroll. As his prize for winning the competition among 12 designers, McCarroll won $100,000, a mentorship with Banana Republic to aid in developing his own fashion label, and a feature of his work in the American edition of ELLE magazine. The winning model of the first season, selected by McCarroll, was Julia Beynon. McCaroll later turned down both the $100,000 and the mentorship with Banana Republic, stating that the prizes came with too much contractual baggage.[1]

The Color Purple was a harsh slap of reality for those who refused to believe that racism existed in the society. The play is highly recommended that everyone who gets a chance to buy the ticket should go and see it as it is an experience that will not easily forgotten and a revelation to those in denial. The play shows an image of the modern world becoming more aware of the issues that existed in the society and taking a step for the improvement and removal of these issues. Get yourself the tickets before they get sold and give yourself an opportunity to see what the world is actually like.

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